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A reintroduction in times of [insert a recent memory]

Juan Franco. Social Distance II, 2016, digital collage. [A sideways cutout of an eye and eyelid in black and white sits agains a stark black background. A pair of cutout of arms surround two-thirds of the circle around the eye. The cutout on the left starts at the shoulder and leads us up towards the wrist and the hand. These meet the wrist and the hands of the second arm. The meeting point is distorted in a way scanning an image and moving the image at the same time would produce. The right arm begins and ends with the wrist and the hands repeated].


It’s been a while since I have sent out a newsletter to my mailing list. As a reintroduction, this is Juan Franco. We are probably connected because of an art-related matter, so thank you for being involved in the arts.

I am writing in the middle of a recalibration. We are probably all going through something like this. Readjusting things here and there. Evaluating what is valuable in our lives, especially now that the life and work spectrum has turned in onto itself. This coiling action, a cycle, a time to see ourselves deeply.

I have recalibrated. I socially distanced myself from my social media. My phone has become a learning tool to read or to recalibrate my French for example. I connect with people in my contact list through voice and text.

Thank you for getting this far. To my final point: I will be writing more through this newsletter. Lens Memory is an opportunity to connect with a community through a focused forum of arts writing, personal developments, and experimental ideas. I will write about my favorite topics: art, photography, and memory.

So feel free to stay connected, wait for the next letter, or unsubscribe. It’s your inbox, your rules.


Besos y abrazos,