Who is Juan?

Juan with camera, notebook, and folder at Ann Hamilton’s The Common S E N S E (2014) at the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle. Photo: Diego Suarez. [Juan stands in front of an installation by artists Ann Hamilton. Juan is dressed in a black button-up with rolled sleeves, their right arm holds their left arm. They are holding a camera, a red notebook, and a paper folder with unreadable text. Hamilton’s installation is inside a large gallery with wooden floors and white walls. The installation consists of an endless count of different-sized prints installed on the walls without a clear pattern. The prints feature a range of animals in close details: wings, feathers, underbellies, flippers, among others. Juan looks at the photographer].

Juan is a visual artist and curator born in Bogotá and currently based in Washington, DC. They make lens-based works with the aid of film and digital cameras, flatbed scanners, and found imagery with a focus on queer intimacies, relationships, and memories. They also write about the politics of memory, the violence of forgetting, and the role of the artist as creators of non-traditional archives.

Why Lens Memory?

Lens Memory is an opportunity to connect with a community through a focused forum of arts writing, personal developments, and experimental ideas. I am interested in the relationship between photography and memory. The tensions that exists when we remember something, but an image tells us otherwise.

Memory is precious, it keeps us alive, and we must protect it.

Feeling the negative effects of social media on my own memories and overall quality of life, I wanted to take it all back to basics. The newsletter format allows for a more thoughtful, careful, and intimate approach to sharing with an audience who understands and consents to this exchange.

Subscribing to Lens Memory allows you to receive these texts directly to your mailbox (avoiding the endless scroll) and staying up to date with my art, research, and writing practice.

Thank you again for your time.

Besos y abrazos,